The Revolutionary GreenStart Igniter System

Starting your wood stove or fireplace has never been easier. Much like Charles Kettering’s invention of the electric automobile ignition 100 years ago, the GreenStart igniter system has evolved the ignition of fire in a spectacular way and has become the greatest innovation in wood heating in over 100 years.

Push a Button
& Start Your Fire

Simply load your wood into the firebox
push the GreenStart™ button to begin!


30 Seconds – Hot surface igniter blows 1400 degree heated air into firebox igniting the wood.

6 Minutes – Igniter shuts down and blower continues to push air acting as a bellow to fan the fire.

6 -15 Minutes – Blower continues to fan fire at various speeds to deliver proper draft in chimney and vigorous fire.

15 Minutes – Blower shuts down. Homeowner adjusts damper and air controls to maintain fire.

Models Using the GreenStart™ Igniter

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