What is GreenSmart™?

This patent-pending, GreenSmart™ System is the most innovative collection of components, controls and technology of any gas-burning stoves, inserts or fireplaces we have ever made. This assembly embodies our most popular innovations with a twist, and a wide array of thrilling new breakthroughs. We believe these components and controls will make homeowners everywhere covet these gas-burning designs.

GreenSmart™ Multi-Function Controls


Manual Setting
ON/OFF and all other features.

Thermostat Setting
Fireplace turns ON or OFF to maintain your desired home/room temperature.

Smart Thermostat Setting
Fire height will adjust automatically (up, down or OFF) to maintain your temperature while allowing you to view the fire more often. A greener way to heat.

Flame Adjustment
Adjust the height/heat of the flame.
6 levels of flame heights to choose from in manual mode.

Comfort Control™
Turn off the back burner to lower the BTU input (up to 70%). This allows you to burn less gas on mild days when you want to enjoy a fire and not heat your living area.

Convection Fan
Circulate room air around the firebox and deliver heated air into your home. Six speeds to choose from.

Ember-Glo™ combines adjustable halogen under-lighting with colored glass and embers to provide an amazingly realistic ember bed effect. Brightness is controlled manually with a rheostat dial. The remote control operates the ON/OFF function.

Models Using the GreenSmart™

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