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Our trusted hearth experts will make sure that your stove or fireplace runs like new. In addition, all Fireplace Xtrordinair Fireplaces and Lopi Stoves are covered by a limited 7 year warranty. Request a service or give us a call and we will be happy to help!

Video Guides

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We have created dozens of short, informative videos to help you get your stove or fireplace up and running quickly and easily. From troubleshooting your’ Greensmart remote, to learning more about your’ Lopi stove’s features, we have it all. 

Warranty Information

Fireplace Xtrordinair 7 Year Warranty

All Fireplace Xtrordinair warrants our products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period up to seven years from the date of purchase.

All parts, electronics(except light bulbs), and labor are covered for two full years.

Trims and faces are also covered for a period of two years.

Lopi Stoves 7 Year Warranty

Years 1-2: All parts and labor on your wood burning appliance, including blower and one-way freight allowance.

Years 3-5: All parts and labor on the firebox, door assembly, air control assemblies and one-way freight allowance.

Years 6-7: Parts only on firebox, door and air control assemblies.

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Many of our high efficiency gas fireplaces give you the most burn for your buck. Our high BTU units will heat your home quickly; however, due to our excellent turndown ratios, the heat output drops down to provide proper heat, which also lowers your operation costs.

Yes, you can install a TV above all of our gas fireplace models. We recommend using our optional CoolSmart TV Wall™ Kit, which reduces the temperature of the wall and allows you to lower the minimum distance above the fireplace to safely install a TV (either mounted or in a recess pocket). Your professional dealer can help you in determining the correct method that will work best for your installation needs.

We offer an array of gas fireplace models to accommodate any of your heating desires, from zonal heating to whole house heating. Our optional Power Heat Duct Kit gives you the ability to redirect up to 50% of the heat from your fireplace to one or two additional rooms in your home within 20 feet of your fireplace!

Yes! All of our gas fireplaces have a battery back-up and can operate during a power outage.

No. Our gas inserts are designed as complete, efficient home heating appliances. Gas logs are used for decorative purposes and are not designed to heat your home.

An electrical cord/power is required to operate our efficient convection fans and decorative Accent Lights on our gas inserts; however, it can be hidden out of sight by being routed in your fireplace with our exclusive tested and approved UL Wiring Kit.



All Fireplace Xtrordinair® gas insert models are designed to provide optimal convective heat with or without the use of the standard fan. We find our customers prefer the quiet, immediate heat transfer of the fan that can be operated from the comfort of your favorite chair with our GreenSmart® Deluxe Remote.



Our gas inserts are sealed, direct vent heating appliances that utilize outside combustion air for greater efficiency and have less exhaust leaving, so draft is ensured with a liner. Learn more.


We offer both our exclusive Positive Pressure system and Natural Convection wood burning fireplaces! Positive Pressure, or Posi-Pressure draws outside air into the cavity around the firebox and heats it, then circulates it throughout the home and seeks out cold spaces, warming your entire home. Natural Convection pulls room air from below the fireplace, heating the air as it is channeled around the firebox and distributing it back into your room through the convection chamber to evenly heat your home.

Please note: Our exclusive GreenStart™ Igniter is an available option with our Apex wood fireplace models.

Our zero clearance wood fireplaces are clean-burning EPA certified home heaters. They are all sealed appliances that pull all of their combustion air from outside, so you are not using your heated air from inside for combustion. And in many cases, installing a zero clearance wood fireplace is half the cost of installing an open masonry fireplace.



Yes! We feature a variety of beautiful, handcrafted mantels from our Custom Shop Collection that can be installed safely above our fireplaces. These non-combustible mantels are available in multiple styles and sizes.



All of our wood fireplaces feature catalytic technology. Our state of the art catalytic technology allows our large capacity wood fireplaces to produce highly efficient, clean fires in all burn settings. This bulletproof technology achieves roaring fires with super-long burn times and very high BTUs, making it the perfect system for our powerhouse home heaters.


Our inserts feature a bypass damper, which allows you to have a larger exhaust opening for smoke to exit through the chimney rather than into your room. Our GreenStart™ Igniter option also allows you to start your fire with the push of a button, establishing a strong draft and preventing smoky startups and smoke spillage!


Yes, and even better! Our Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre® Inserts are excellent heaters. Their flush appearance gives you a clean, finished look that resembles a wood fireplace and allows for more room on the hearth, while their convection chamber delivers air efficiently throughout your home.

Yes. All of our wood insert models feature the award-winning Hybrid-Fyre® technology. Hybrid-Fyre® is the most efficient wood burning technology in the world! This patented technology highlights the strengths of both catalytic and non-catalytic technologies to create an advanced combustion system that burns less wood to generate the greatest heat output.

Testing the moisture level in your wood is a crucial, yet often ignored step when burning wood fires. Wet wood creates excessive smoke and moisture in the firebox, whereas dry wood allows for a hotter, more efficient burn. Fireplace Xtrordinair® includes a FREE MOISTURE METER with every wood model so you can ensure you are burning dry wood and getting the highest performance out of your appliance. Simply split your wood and use your moisture meter to test it out!